CRM Case Study: Failure Story

This presentation explores the reasons why CRM implementations fail through a case study, or rather a short story. As against most “industry” case studies, this is not a success story. Furthermore, in order to highlight the human dynamic that exists or may come into play during and after a CRM implementation, we have turned to fiction, specifically to the analogy of family, believing that the latter’s “known” quality and its separateness from the world of business, might render the “lesson” more accessible and palatable.
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The Business Value of CRM

Companies looking to improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line must deliver a great customer experience over the long term. To do that, its critical to define technologys role before, during, and after the experience occurs. Jim Davies, Research Director at Gartner and Don Peppers, cofounder of Peppers & Rogers Group, discuss how to drive business value from your CRM initiatives by incorporating customer strategy into CRM technology implementations.
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Autotask Announces Integration with FreshBooks’ Online Billing and Invoicing Software — Seamless Integration Allows End-to-End IT Business Management in the Cloud

Autotask Corporation today announced an integration between its SaaS-based IT business management solution and FreshBooks? SaaS-based online billing and invoicing software. The integration, developed by Chicago-based itDuzzit?, allows Autotask users to significantly streamline the invoicing process by exporting billing items and information directly into FreshBooks and invoicing their products and services online. The FreshBooks integration also allows users to accept online payment by credit card, e-checks, bank transfer or PayPal?, further shortening the billing cycle.

The integration was developed using the Autotask and FreshBooks application programming interfaces (APIs) and will allow users to:

  • Seamlessly export Autotask invoices to FreshBooks

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Social Media Marketing eBook Now Available for HR Marketplace

Although social media use has increased exponentially in marketing and PR circles, many suppliers in the human resource marketplace argue there’s still too much “social” and not enough direct, measurable return for businesses.

A new eBook shows that participating in social media will help HR suppliers generate familiarity, trust and thought leadership with their customers, prospects and influencers. And it’s another powerful way to generate publicity, traffic and leads.

The long-awaited eBook is titled Conversation Starters: Social Media Marketing in the HR Marketplace. It’s available online from, the leading provider of marketing and PR software and services in the human resources industry.

Landslide CRM is First to Add Fully-Integrated Social CRM

Landslide Technologies, Inc. today announced its new Fall Release featuring fully-integrated Social CRM tools. The new feature seamlessly integrates customers’ and prospects’ latest Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook information directly into their Landslide CRM Contact profiles.

Landslide CRM is the first CRM system that integrates Social CRM to deliver a valuable business intelligence tool that can positively affect and influence the overall sales process.

These new features are automatically available to all users at no additional cost.